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Dear future Friends of Agora,

We would like to welcome you to AGORA portal. It is our pleasure to present you our work and offer you the opportunity to become an official Friend of AGORA (FA). We aim to give young people every possible chance to get involved in political life, and in parliamentary work in particular. Thus we created this BLOG SPOT, where you can join us and take your first steps towards your future career.


Some information about AGORA

AGORA ( is the leading global knowledge platform on parliamentary development.  It has been designed as a flexible tool and a meeting space used by Parliamentarians, parliamentary staff and the community of practice in order to facilitate information exchange. On our portal you have access to informative e-learning courses, a number of resources, toolkit for workshops and updates about parliaments from around the globe.

AGORA is a global knowledge Portal that serves as the first point of contact for the parliamentary development community.  It shares parliamentary news, resources and lessons learned, and develops knowledge materials on existing and upcoming trends in parliamentary development, including climate change and energy, youth, civic engagement, new technologies and the SDGs.  AGORA’s e-learning courses and toolkits offer online learning opportunities, and its innovative and flexible build allow it to take a demand-driven approach: following partner requests, AGORA has launched dedicated parliamentary platforms for climate change and energy, the Pacific region and the PALOP-TL countries.  AGORA caters for parliamentarians, parliamentary staff, practitioners, donors, academia, civil society and the media and is available in English, French and Arabic.

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How to become a Friend of Agora

AGORA provides daily updates on developments and news from parliaments from around the world in four languages: English, Arabic, French and Portuguese. We also provide a BLOG SPOT for young people to express their opinion and be active in their societies. NOW you can become a friend of AGORA by one of two possibilities:

First: Sharing Updates and News

We mainly rely on our team in Brussels to collect all possible interesting updates and news about parliaments worldwide. These updates are posted on our website on a daily basis in four languages, English, Arabic, French and Portuguese. 

You have the chance to get involved and become a Friend of AGORA, if you commit yourself to send us FIVE news per month for a period of THREE months about your national parliament’s activities in any of the four languages. We expect you to be objective and fair in choosing the content. All you have to do is to send us at least FIVE emails per month sharing interesting decisions or activities about your national parliament.

Second: Publishing an Article

We intend to launch a BLOG SPOT for young people from around the world, where you? can publish articles in English about parliamentary affairs. It will be our pleasure to make you famous by sharing your articles with our audience and friends.

Becoming a Friend of Agora is a step towards your future political life.  If you choose to send us news or write us an article, we will appreciate that by handing you an official letter stating that you contributed to our project by being a Friend of AGORA.

We are only one click away. We are looking forward to your email.

Welcome on Board!