European Development Days start tomorrow

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The European Development Days (EDD) is Europe’s leading forum on development and international cooperation. It brings together over 6,000 participants from the international development community, presenting various commitments to a fairer, more sustainable future. The 2017 edition of the event will take place on June 7th and 8th, in Brussels.

The event gathers development actors to share ideas and experiences in ways that inspire new partnerships and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

One of this year’s themes will be domestic resource mobilisation
Domestic public finance should be at the heart of all governments’ efforts to achieve inclusive growth, poverty eradication and sustainable development. The Collect More, Spend Better approach showcased at the EDD supports developing countries in improving domestic resource mobilisation, more effective and efficient public expenditure and debt management. It focuses on tax evasion, tax avoidance and illicit financial flows as well as on the efficiency, effectiveness and fairness of tax systems and of social protection financing. It promotes sound public expenditure management to convert revenues into public goods and services, through fiscal discipline and the strategic allocation of resources and the use of eGovernment systems for efficient tax collection and transparency in use of public funds.The EU and its Member States have been working to improving public investment efficiency in partner countries, by supporting macroeconomic and fiscal stability frameworks, sound sector policies and reforms, comprehensive annual and medium-term budgetary frameworks and sound public financial management systems, including transparent procurement.

Pro PALOP-TL SAI project and the importance of public financial management
We take this opportunity to highlight the efforts of the EU/UNDP partnership to advance strong public finance management systems in Portuguese speaking African countries (PALOP) and East Timor. This work is possible thanks to the Project for Strengthening technical and functional skills of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs), National Parliaments and Civil Society for the control of public finances in the PALOP and Timor-Leste (Pro PALOP-TL SAI), fully financed by the EU and administered by UNDP. Pro PALOP-TL SAI provides technical assistance - through workshops and trainings- to key oversight actors including Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI), parliaments and civil society organizations in Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Principe and East Timor.

From June 5th to June 9th,a training on open budget methodology is taking place in Guinea Bissau to strength the skills of 30 representatives of civil society organizations working on social oversight of public expenditure in the analysis of the 2017 state budget.

São Tomé and Principe
Following a training budget oversight with a focus on gender from May 16rd to 24th, a working group consisting of members of the network of Women MPs, staff in line in parliaments, the Ministry of Finance and representatives of civil society organizations was created.

These are but a few examples of the activities conducted by the PRO PALOP-TL SAI project. Find out more about the initiatives in the PALOP countries and East Timor at the PRO PALOP-TL website.

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