Guinea-Bissau: Pro PALOP-TL SAI supports the creation of a working group on gender responsive budgeting

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The gender advisors seconded by the project Pro PALOP-TL SAI were in Guinea-Bissau to conduct a workshop with the aim to strengthen the skills of the network of Women MPs, parliamentarians and specialized committees to oversee gender responsive budgeting. The event took place on April 21-22 and also counted with the presence of civil society organizations working on monitoring public finance and gender equality.

Participants agreed they should further collaborate to guarantee the gender perspective is integrated into the budget process in the country. To this purpose, a working group was formed. Key actions agreed by the working group include:

  • have access to budget monitoring reports released by the Ministry of Economy and Finance to analyse which governmental projects foresee funds to promote gender equality.
  • advocate for the integration of budget lines focusing on gender and oversee the proper allocation of funds.
  • mobilize funds to further train members of the Court of Auditors,  the Administrative and Financial Department and civil society organizations on gender responsive budgeting.

Advancing gender equality is only possible by involving national stakeholders and international partners to reach the common goal to bridge the social and economic gap between men and women. Therefore, the working group will meet and closely collaborate with representatives of specialized committees, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Institute of Women and Children, civil society organizations, UNDP and UN Women.