Helen Clark: Statement at the Opening of the Parliamentary Learning Centre

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UNDP Administrator Helen Clark opened the Parliamentary Learning Centre at the Parliament of Myanmar on March 12th, 2015.

"The Parliamentary Learning Centre which we are opening today was established in response to the vision of both houses of Parliament to build ‘a world class centre that enhances the capacity of MPs and staff’.

As a former Member of Parliament, Minister, and Prime Minister in New Zealand, I know full well how important good staff are to the functioning of a parliament.

As MPs, we rely on our parliamentary staff to service our committees and the work of the parliamentary chamber.

The committees of Parliament do the detailed work of oversight of government budgets and functions, and of scrutiny of legislation.

By strengthening the work of the committees, by improving their outreach to citizens, and by publishing their working documents, Parliament overall becomes more effective and transparent.

I am therefore delighted that UNDP can be a partner in the establishment of this Learning Centre which will help build the capacity of the staff of the Parliament of Myanmar.

As this Parliament’s term comes to an end, and the next one begins, UNDP will be pleased to continue the work with staff and MPs to enhance the functioning of Parliament as the institution where all citizens’ interests are represented. Chei-zu tin-bar-te."

SOURCE: UNDP http://www.undp.org/content/undp/en/home/presscenter/speeches/2015/03/12...