UNDP: The role of parliaments in the implementation of decentralised governance: local government and democratic representation

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11 and 12 June 2015. Carthage Thalasso Resort, Gammarth

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) organised a regional conference on “The role of parliaments in the implementation of decentralised governance: local government and democratic representation”, on June 11 and 12 2015. The conference was organised by UNDP’s Project of support to the Tunisian parliament, and its Regional Hub for the Arab States, with the support of the European Union and of Denmark.

This event, inaugurated by the Vice-President of the Tunisian Assembly of Representatives of the People (ARP), brought together more than 40 parliamentarians from countries sharing experiences of decentralisation (Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Iraq and Jordan) as well as academic experts, and elected representatives and senior current and former officials of international institutions, including the French Senate, the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and the British House of Commons. 

Representing citizens in their geographic, social, and cultural diversity, parliaments are the natural institutions to debate key issues and assure that decentralisation is conceived and
implemented to encourage local democracy, democratic representation, and equitable development between regions. At the conclusion of the conference, the participating parliamentarians underlined the importance of the exchanges during the conference, and proposed the establishment of an informal network of parliamentarians within the Arab region in order strengthen parliaments’ role in the area of local democracy.

UNDP is committed to continue supporting these exchanges and the sharing of experiences, and to the strengthening of South-South cooperation.


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For more information please visit the site of UNDP Tunisia: tn.undp.org