Trinidad and Tobago: National Youth Parliament Projects Focus on The Environment

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The second sitting of the 13th National Youth Parliament focused on how the country can better prepare for the challenges of climate change.

During the proceedings in the parliament this afternoon, Education Minister and Member of Parliament for Diego Martin Central, Anaiah Jeffrey, suggested that conservation and protection of the environment should become a way of life.

Ms Jeffrey recommended that instilling good environmental practices should start at the early age targeting children and secondary school students.
Another youth contributor at the sitting highlighted the negative effects of climate change and how it impacts of citizens and economies.
Meanwhile, National Security Minister and Member of Parliament for Caroni East, Joshua Ramjohn, during his discourse placed emphasis on addressing climate change from a regional context and the threat it poses to safety.
At the end of the sitting Speaker of the House of Representatives , Bridgid Annisette George, commended the young parliamentarian for being able to come up with solution to address a serious environmental issue.