UNDP Issue Brief - Lessons Learned: Inclusive and Participative Institutions in the Arab States

The ‘Inclusive and Participative Political Institutions in the Arab States Region’ Project was designed in early 2012 to directly strengthen the mechanisms for political inclusion in countries affected by the Arab Spring, both as a contribution to supporting national democratic transitions, as well as building the capacities of key political institutions to respond to and manage potential conflicts and crises during the period of transition and beyond.

The Project was a joint partnership between UNDP's Bureau for Development Policy (BDP) / Democratic Governance Group (DGG) Parliamentary Development Team, the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR) Crisis Governance Team and the Regional Bureau for Arab States (RBAS). Activities were implemented in 8 countries, namely: Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, OPT, and Somalia.

This Issue Brief discusses the main lessons learned and lists the key results of the project.  

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