Angola: Switzerland - Mozambican MP Wants More Women Protection

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The countries of the Portuguese Speaking Community (CPLP) are well advanced in terms of women protection policies, but more should be done to ensure equality in other countries, particularly in those of the Arab world.

This was said to the press on Sunday in Geneva, Switzerland, by the Mozambican MP, Isidora Faztudo, during the 9th Meeting of Parliament Women Group of the Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU).

In her point of view, the priority is to ensure that women come on equal terms with men, rather than creating discrimination.

She stressed the advance scored in the Portuguese speaking countries, but said the effort should continue in order for an equilibrium to be attained in other countries, particularly those of the Arab world.

From her point of view , the main concern should be to ensure that women's rights are in fact defended, stressing that increasing the number of women in Parliament is not enough.

According to her, women should be elected into decision-making organs on the basis of their capacity.

"What counts is not only the number but also the quality . We have improved a lot, we have several committee chairwomen and event the Assembly speaker. This is something that we can say that we have achieved and are to be congratulated on," she said .

She expressed satisfaction with the quality of women parliamentarians in Mozambique, mentioning the fact that the rapporteur is a woman who manages the entire business of the Parliament.

The drop in the percentage of women does not mean that their participation and quality is not good enough, she argued.

On the other hand, the MP welcomed the discussion at the meeting of the situation of children, but said there is need for agreements to be reached.

SOURCE: AllAfrica, March 18th 2014: