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The blog section contains contributions from AGORA's partners, affiliated institutions and experts on parliamentary development, capturing the state of play in the field.

Cover photo of the three-day workshop
Redefining collaboration and healing public trust through open parliament reforms

There is a disconnect between citizens and the parliament in Indonesia. At least that is what the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) and the Indonesian Parliament (DPR RI) found from a public perception survey conducted between July and August 2020.

Cover picture of a surveillance camera planted on a building and overlooking the street
How parliaments can keep an eye on surveillance technology during COVID-19

COVID-19 could affect a shift towards a surveillance culture. Once introduced, privacy-infringing technologies may be difficult to reverse. The next generation of digital technology and artificial intelligence could enable autocratic countries or those with weak democracies to identify and curb opposition.

Online Parliament
How are parliaments responding to the Coronavirus pandemic?

When countries are facing a national health emergency, the work of parliaments is as important as ever: to scrutinise government decisions, to authorise expenditure, to pass legislation.