Cabo Verde: Special training on public budget programs

Portrait de AGORA moderator

Cabo Verde has now since a couple of years started to move forwards a state budget-programme. More recently, Cabo Verde Ministry of Finances and Plan started to introduce all administrative units in the Results based Budgeting methodology with the ambition adopt this approach in the state budget.

The IT Budget Management System, SIGOF, is now little by little being aligned with this approach and reflecting the budget programme structure. How to ensure efficient legislative budget and expenditure oversight in such scenario?

During a 2-day session that started on 17 September, experts of the Ministry of Finances, Department of Plan and Budget, trained parliamentary staff and advisors in order  to familiarize them with the concepts and approach used to setup the ste budget programme in Cabo Verde. The training has a practice component that will allow trainees to use the Parliament action plan to setup jointly a results and resources framework. This training is part of a series of trainings setup by Pro PALOP-TL SAI for the Parliament in Cabo Verde, in particular the budget committee, focusing on budget and public expenditure oversight methods, practices and techniques. These trainings and capacity development initiatives will benefit MPs as well as technical staff.