Zambia: Parliament approves 2018 budget

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Parliament has approved a 54.4 million Kwacha 2018 budgetary allocation for the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit -DMMU- under the Vice President’s office.
Vice President Inonge Wina delivering a policy statement in parliament said her office will enhance collaboration with stakeholders in carrying out its mandate.
She said the DMMU has in the recent past been faced with a number of challenges such as the Army worms which required distribution of insecticides.
The Vice President says the DMMU also supported refugee programs and the distribution of food baskets in areas that were faced with food shortages owing to drought.
Mrs. Wina adds that DMMU required 76.5 million Kwacha to respond to various disasters against the current allocation of 13.6 million kwacha.
She says the disasters include 307 schools whose roofs were blown off in the last rain season, 167 roads and 170 bridges which were washed away.
She says the DMMU has been doing its level best to attend to all disasters.
The Vice President has assured the house that DMMU continues to work hard and at times is only perceived to be inefficient because of inadequate resources.
And Kaputa MP Maxas Ng’ona noted the need to increase the allocation to the DMMU because of the huge mandate before it.
Mr. NG’ONA said the timely response to the army worms in the last farming season helped maintain food security in the country.
And Ikelengi MP Elijah Muchima also commended the DMMU for playing a key role in attending to disasters.