Coming up soon : Speaker’s Debate - Is it time for Fiji to tougen rules on junk food and drink to tackle diabetes and heart disease?

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On Monday March 27th, on the initiative of the parliament of the republic of Fiji, a Speaker’s Debate is to take place at the Grand Pacific Hotel (GPC) from 5pm to 7pm which will be streamed online. The debate will tackle the following question: ‘Is it time for Fiji to toughen rules on junk food and drink to tackle diabetes and heart disease?’

The debate is fourth in a series focusing on key issues in Fiji related to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The three earlier debates focused on violence against women and girls (SDGs 5 and 10), renewable energy (SDG 7) and economic development and poverty alleviation (SDGs 1 and 8), enjoying large turn-outs and spirited discussions. The fourth on Health and Non-Communicable Diseases is to concentrate on SDG 3 ('Good health and Wellbeing').

Health and Non-Communicable diseases (NCDs), including diabetes and heart diseases, constitute a huge burden on Fijian society, both socially and financially. Moreover, NCDs were declared a “Health and Development crisis” in 2011. In this context the debate wants to examine Fiji’s policies and legislation in development and health, in particular Fiji’s National Development Strategy, the National Strategy to combat NCDs and other regional frameworks.

Panelists for Monday included Hon. Rosy Akbar, Minister for Health and Medical Services; Hon. Anare Tuidraki Vadei, Shadow Minister for Health and Medical Services; Prof. Donald Wilson, Head of School, Public Health and Primary Care, FNU; Coca Cola representative (to be confirmed).

All members of the public are warmly invited to attend or join us on the live stream.


Written by Venelin Bochev