OGP Research Agenda 2017-18: Call for Proposals

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Open Government Partnership (OGP) is calling for papers that will help the organization in convincing high-level political leaders to support open government reform. The theoretical and empirical papers will be rewarded up to 10,000$ upon the demonstration of the impact of transparency, accountability and participation reforms and their investment in terms of public trust, government efficiency, public accountability and development outcomes.

The deadline for research proposals is July 28, 2017.

Sample questions of the papers could include:

  • Does involving citizens in policymaking and service delivery lead to improved trust and legitimacy between the state and society? How? Which OGP or non-OGP countries and subnational governments have demonstrated these outcomes?
  • How does opening government lead to government efficiency and cost-savings? What evidence is there that government sectors and agencies which operate with the principles of open government perform better than those that don't?
  • Does opening government lead to better investment climates and/or better economic growth? How have open government reforms helped the private sector to engage more effectively with government?
  • What evidence is there that transparency, accountability and participation reforms have helped to identify, prevent or sanction corruption in government?

You can find more information on the structure of the papers and the selection process on this link.