Press Release: Actions and realisations from Women Parlamentarians along the VIII legislature in Cabo Verde

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Praia, 21 January 2016. The upcoming legislative elections schedule for March 2016 marks the end of the 8th legislature in Cabo Verde and, consequently, the closure of the mandate of the Women’s Caucus board of MPs and its action plan for 2012-16. New elected Women MPs will take over from the aftermath o the legislative elections in March 2016, with the composition and board of the Caucus reflecting the electoral results. Against this background, supported by the Pro PALOP-TL SAI team, Capeverdian Parliament and Women’s Caucus organized on 27 January 2016, in the Parliament Banquet Hall, from 6 pm onwards, the Publication of the Women’s Caucus report on “Actions and realisations from Women Parlamentarians along the VIII legislature in Cabo Verde”.

The president of the Women’s Caucus presented the report to a wide group of stakeholders representing all social sectors at national level and main international partners. Also present were the Parliament Chairman, Basilio Mosso Ramos, the previous president of the Women Caucus, Herminia Ferreira, UNDP Resident Representative in Cabo Verde, Ulrika Richardson, EU representative, Luis Maia, UN Women representative, members of the executive, all heads of political parties’ parliamentary groups, and other relevant actors.

The report is an important statement on behalf of the realisations of Women MPs in Cabo Verde, a legacy to new generation of Women MPs and Women Caucus in the Capeverdian Parliament. Folowing the presentation, a visite to the exposition of all main activities deliverbales and products was organised: a photo gallery trip ended in an extraordinary audiovisual experience highiliting the Women’s Caucus achievements through interviews, filmed testemonies, reportages, official speeches and declarartions, news clipping, video coverage of training sessions, etc.

The event was funded by Pro PALOP-TL SAI that supported also in the drafting and edition of the report and all other audiovisual materials. Pro PALOP-TL SAI is a UNDP project implemented in partnership with the European Union. The project is fully funded by the European Union with 6.5 millions euros for a period of 3 years that will end in December 2016. The project aims to support and strengthen the capacities of supreme audit institutions, parliaments and civil society for the external control of public finances in the ACP Poertuguese Speaking Countries (PALOP and Timor-Leste).

For more information, please contact Ricardo Godinho Gomes (Pro PALOP-TL SAI project manager) Tel: +238 260 96 50 - Móvel: +238 932 76 87 e-mail:; MP Graça Sanches (President of Cabo Verde Women Caucus) Tel: +238 260 80 00 - móvel: +238 9850401 e-mail:; Cabo Verde Parliament: +238 9969694 /2608122