Pro PALOP TL-SAI: end-of-project message

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"Dear beneficiaries, partners, followers and friends,
"As projects start, are implemented and come to an end, they must inevitably be closed.
"At the end of a well-implemented project, a feeling that more could have been done remains. Such projects are missed even before their conclusion, and it takes time to move on.
"Our project is now closing, and so much has been accomplished, that is impossible to enumerate all “small victories” and achievements in this end-of-project message. We hope the final report will speak for itself.
"However, it is worth mentioning overall what we accomplished together “in” and “with” the Pro PALOP-TL SAI project!
"Thanks to Pro PALOP-TL SAI, an actual community of practice—involving Supreme Audit Institutions, Ministries of Finance, Parliaments and Civil Society Organisations—for public finance oversight and budget transparency in PALOP and Timor-Leste has been established. This community of practice was developed by involving people, structures, methodologies, know-how, knowledge and institutions from across all project’s beneficiary countries (together with Brazil and Portugal). A groundbreaking accomplishment, since such a community is now anchored on new levels of systematization, as well as in dynamic human exchanges, at a personal and professional levels.
"Thanks to Pro PALOP-TL SAI, real problems were solved in the beneficiary countries. The project enabled the capacity-building of beneficiary institutions, the reach of consensus about remaining challenges that need to be overcome, the development of skills, know-how and knowledge to ensure the road to success. Therefore, the project had a real impact on people’s lives, the capacity-building of institutions, and the overall framework of public finance management and budget oversight of the beneficiary countries.
"Thanks to Pro PALOP-TL SAI, we may “sow and reap the fruits of our efforts” throughout four years of project implementation. This was possible by involving the beneficiary countries in the design and implementation of actions in the field, agreeing upon interventions according to their priorities and needs, and never giving up the role of advising and guiding towards response via alternatives ways of doing the same old business and best practices. A remarkable deed, since “reap what you sow” is a desired parable to project sustainability, especially, and using project management jargon, when referring to efficient exit strategies.
"Thanks to Pro PALOP-TL SAI, it was possible to move Supreme Audit Institutions, governments, parliaments and civil society organizations from PALOP and Timor-Leste from the periphery to a central position worldwide in the promotion and strengthening of external audit of public finance. This has been a pioneering initiative in all aspects: multilateral and bilateral initiatives openly inspired by the good practices of the project are multiplying across the globe.
"Thanks to Pro PALOP-TL SAI, it is possible to see the impact of the project achievements in monitoring of systems in public finance management, i.e. from our outputs/products into our outcomes/general context of economic governance in PALOP and Timor-Leste. This is an achievement not at the reach of many, since the impact and outcome level tend to be hard to verify and the contribution of the project’s outputs/products hard to prove – with mitigated achievements tendentially.
"For all these reasons, we would like to humbly thank all of our partners, a group of extraordinary people and professionals of excellency, whose contribution has allowed us to do something relevant and attain so much in these fleeting years...
"The field of public financial management and budgetary oversight has increasingly asserted itself as truly relevant for development cooperation. I am sure that, from now on, initiatives with a holistic and comprehensive approach, based on South-South and triangular cooperation, will be multiplied throughout the world to strengthen and promote oversight and social monitoring of public finances.
"The Pro PALOP-TL SAI was a pioneer initiative in this field, which makes us, the management team, very proud.
"See you soon! "
The project management Unit