Pro PALOP-TL SAI supports the National Assembly of Sao Tome and Principe in drafting its first strategic plan

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The National Assembly of São Tome and Principe now has its first Strategic Plan.

This activity is part of the Project for the Strengthening of Technical and Functional Capacities of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs), National Parliaments and Civil Society for the control of Public Finances in PALOP (Portuguese-speaking African Countries) and in Timor-Leste (Pro PALOP-TL SAI). One of the activities planned in São Tome and Principe was the drafting of a medium-strategic plan and later of a long-term strategic plan (2015-2016) for the Permanent Specialized Committees. Since the National Assembly has never before drafted a strategic plan, the final result will not only be a plan for the Committees, but a strategic plan for the entire National Assembly (2015-2019).
This objective was obtained through the capacity-building and facilitation mission of the senior parliamentary specialist, Prof Elisabete Azevedo-Harman, in this Parliament House.

The official presentation was conducted by three parliamentarians representing the main political forces, on 19 June.

Around 80% of parliamentarians collaborated on the drafting of the Plan, from all parliamentary committees and groups, as well as technical staff from the National Assembly.  In total, the collective work carried out on a daily basis, was approximately 80 hours. 

It should be noted that this mandate from the National Assembly has characteristics that are very favourable to the strengthening of capacity building of the institution, across all sections, but with particular emphasis in the area of monitoring, as there are more than 60% new parliamentarians, more than 50% of which are under the age of 35.