12,000 candidates register for Iranian parliamentary election

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About 12,000 candidates have signed up for the upcoming parliamentary election in Iran, Iran's Interior Ministry spokesman Hossein-Ali Amiri told APA on Tuesday.

He said that 21 candidates are going to vie for each of the 290 seats. The spokesman noted that the candidacies of unregistered 1,400 people have already been approved as a result of the talks held with the Guardian Council of the Constitution. Among the candidates are representatives of all the political movements and groups.

“We are also surprised that so many people put forward their candidacies. I think that all are willing to determine their own destiny after the nuclear deal signed by Iran and the G5+1 countries. We expect high voter turnout on the election day,” he added.  




Source; http://en.apa.az/xeber_12_000_candidates_register_for_iranian_p_239084.html