17 Turkish NGOs call for transparency, demand MPs reveal assets

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The International Transparency Association, along with 16 NGOs, demanded that parliamentary candidates for the upcoming general elections make public their assets for the sake of ethical politics.

International Transparency Association Chair Oya Özarslan noted that transparency was the first and most important factor of political finances, calling on all deputies to publicly release their assets both as they entered Parliament and as they leave office.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Özarslan said it was important that deputies “reveal whether or not they used politics to make themselves rich, to the scrutiny of both the public and civil society.” Noting that Turks largely saw politics as the most corrupt institution in the country, she pointed out how certain individual parliamentarians spent more on their election campaigns than some smaller political parties did in total. “One of the biggest problems is that these funds are off the record and paid under the table,” she added.

SOURCE: National BGN News, April 10th 2015: http://national.bgnnews.com/17-turkish-ngos-call-for-transparency-demand...