Afghanistan - Parliament questions Kabul mayor, water department head

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The mayor of Kabul and the head of water canalization were summoned by the upper house of parliament over lack of standard roads, canals and drinking water, which are major challenges faced by the residents of Kabul.

The senate has criticized the performance of the mayor saying that Kabul still faced serious challenges in spite of the tremendous International support received.

Senate member, Bashir Ahmad Samim said, “Kabul may be the first capital to have flooded streets and the quality of roads constructed during the past decade are extremely poor.”

Meanwhile Kabul Municipality has rejected all allegations saying, not having a provision for emptying the septic wells and the lack of a standard residential housing plan only adds to the challenges faced by the city.

According to Unis Nawandish these challenges are not expected to be resolved soon.

He said, “The major challenge in the capital city of Kabul is that there is no legal master construction plan and there is no provision for cleaning septic tanks or draining water from flooded areas affected by heavy rains.”

Meanwhile the Department head of water and canalization, Mohammad Bahir said, “There is a water shortage due to the illegal consumption of treated water by influential people for their agricultural areas and green zones.”

He added that currently 50 thousands houses were being supplied water by the Kabul water canalization system.

SOURCE: Area News Afghanistan, April 13th 2014: