Consultancy offer: International Expert for Parliament Committee System Development - UNDP Bhutan

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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bhutan is seeking to recruit a qualified International Expert to conduct a capacity development for the Parliamentary Committee of Bhutan. Running from 2014 until 2018, the project has the aim of developing “Strengthened institutional capacity and legislative, oversight and representational role of the National Assembly and National Council of Bhutan to build and sustain democracy and development with the full participation of the people of Bhutan”.

The objectives of the assignment are:

  • Committees’ (especially legislative committees’) oversight and general practices are improved based on sharing experiences and good practices from other parliaments;
  • Committee secretaries are better able to conduct their work effectively in accordance with international best practice; and
  • A plan for continuous development of the committee capacities and practices is developed.

For more background information and a better understanding of the Terms of Reference related to this position, as well as the IC contract template and IC general terms and conditions, please access the UNGM page here (link is external).

The selected candidate will conduct the assessment over a period of 20 days / six weeks, including a two-week mission to Bhutan (September-October 2015). 

Interested applicants are expected to submit no later than 24 August 2015, the following documents:

- P11 form;

- Confirmation of interest.

The Terms of reference are available here: