Kyrgyz Parliament approves amendments, permitting transplantation of human organs in private clinics

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Kyrgyzstan's Parliament has approved amendments, permitting transplantation of human organs in private clinics. Draft amendments to the Law on transplantation of human organs and / or tissues were adopted today by the Parliament in the third reading and were sent to the President for signature.

According to the document, Article 5 of the current law is supplemented by the following text: "The recovery, banking and transplantation of organs and / or tissues of close relatives (living-related transplantation) are permitted to be performed also in private health care institutions."

Earlier on, defending the bill, the Minister of Health Care Talantbek Batyraliev assured the state would do its best to prevent abuse. In particular, a special commission will issue permits to private clinics. "In order to prevent organ trafficking, it is necessary to apply the best practices of developed countries and introduce strict control, using the latest methods," the Minister said and as example mentioned the use of biometric data.