New Zealand: Parliament Engages on Sustainable Development

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NZ Parliament Engages on Sustainable Development

Member of Parliament Jonathan Young is in London this week to take part in the International Parliamentary Conference on Sustainability, Energy and Development. The conference hosted by the United Kingdom Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA UK) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The conference seeks to increase parliamentarians’ knowledge about sustainability, energy and development and is an opportunity to discuss best practice around parliamentary engagement with international development. Parliamentarians from across the globe will participate in the conference with an emphasis on the critical role parliamentarians need to play in shaping and monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals. It will highlight the important oversight function that Parliaments perform in scrutinising government performance and expenditure, and enhance the status of parliamentarians as key international development stakeholders.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt Hon David Carter, said that the conference is an important and timely forum for Members of Parliament to discuss sustainable approaches to growth and economic development.

“The conference will allow Members of Parliament from across the Commonwealth to engage in discussions with their colleagues around how best to balance robust economic policy with equitable social policy outcomes. Engagement with international bodies such as UNDP is critical to support such work, and this conference is a valuable opportunity to discuss new ways of supporting sustainable economic growth. I am very pleased that the New Zealand Parliament will be represented at the conference, and believe that we will make a positive contribution to deliberations.