Seminar: Parliaments and Extractive Industries Revenue Management

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December 7-10, 2015, London - The World Bank-CPA hosted the “Global Seminar on the Role of Parliaments and EI” in London from December 7-10, 2015.  This knowledge exchange activity convened 15 Commonwealth parliaments to develop a framework for a Commonwealth Parliamentary Toolkit on Financial Oversight of EI. Participating parliaments include Bougainville, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, Western Australia, Zambia, Nigeria, Northern Territory in Australia, Quebec, British Columbia, Pakistan, Malawi, Baluchistan, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. This seminar explored how parliamentary revenue and supply procedures can be used by parliaments to strike a balance between ensuring the state captures sufficient revenues from extractive activity to be able to provide a development dividend, while promoting and sustaining investment in the sector.