Solomon Islands: 2015 National Budget Dubbed 'People's Budget'

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Finance Minister Honourable Snyder Rini describes the 2015 national Budget as the ‘People’s Budget’.

Presenting the 2015 Appropriation Bill 2015 in its second reading this morning in Parliament, Mr Rini says The budget will deliver a record $4.18 billion in spending to provide services to all Solomon Islanders.

He says the budget is focused on the people, and improving their livelihood.

“This record and historical budget demonstrate this government’s policy priorities for the people of Solomon Islands especially the majority of our populace in the rural areas. It will deliver spending on social services, rural infrastructures, rural development activities and key programmes in the rural areas Mr Speaker Sir.”

Mr Rini adds it recognises the values and potentials of the 85 percent majority of the nation’s population in the rural areas.

He says the budget also caters for our people’s resolve to participate more actively and meaningfully in the development of the country.

SOURCE: Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, April 2nd 2015: