Tajikistan: OSCE supports establishment of women’s caucus in parliament

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A women’s caucus was established in Tajikistan’s parliament on November 30 with the support of the OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe, and the international community, different political parties, members of parliament, and civil society representatives, the OSCE reports.
Thirteen women parliamentarians including the Vice Speaker of the parliament will join the alliance to work together towards the further advancement of women in all spheres of public and political life in Tajikistan.
The women’s caucus aims to support legislative changes and affirmative measures in this regard, and will work to raise the visibility of Tajik women involved in decision-making, thereby inspiring young women and girls across the country.
“I applaud this initiative and congratulate my Tajik sisters in the parliament on their membership of the women’s caucus. Such bodies are very important as they are connected through ties of solidarity and contribute to gender mainstreaming the work of parliaments,” said Ambassador Tuula Yrjölä, Head of the OSCE Programme Office. “They are particularly effective in changing legislation and policies from a gender perspective and raising awareness about gender equality.”
The OSCE has been working closely with the Tajik parliament on the issue of a women’s caucus since 2015. Future support will see the OSCE Programme Office provide the women’s caucus with IT equipment and establish a library for a “gender corner” in parliament.