Turkey: Parliament to choose new speaker, focus on adjustment laws

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Parliament is scheduled to adopt adjustment laws after choosing a new speaker who will start work on adopting adjustments laws for the new presidential system.

As part of the Justice and Development Party's (AK Party) efforts to change laws in accordance with the new presidential system, adjustment laws with respect to the new system will be discussed in Parliament. The Prime Ministry and Justice Ministry are working on the adjustment laws. New bylaws will be on Parliament's agenda immediately after the Parliament speaker election. According to new bylaws, proposing parliamentary motions concerning ministers and other regulations about ministers will be accorded with the new system, as ministers will be selected outside of Parliament after 2019. There will be arrangements regarding the prime minister, as there will not be a prime minister. The bylaws also envisage arrangements in commissions. While some commissions will be closed, a Method Commission regarding the determination of time of negotiating a law will be formed to adjust negotiation times in Parliament. A new order of seating in Parliament will also be determined since the Cabinet will not be in plenary sessions of Parliament following 2019.
Ramping up efforts for the new system, the AK Party's agenda will be occupied with discussing lowering the election threshold and amendments to political parties. Appraising the situation with caution, the AK Party is expected to test public opinion regarding the election threshold prior to making adjustments. The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) is expected to support the AK Party in adopting the adjustment laws.
Parliament is also preparing for the elections of a new Parliament speaker. The candidacy period starts Nov. 12 and is expected to last for five days. Nominees for the position will campaign from Nov. 12 to Nov. 17. The election should be finalized by Nov. 21.
The AK Party has yet to decide on its candidate for Parliament speaker. The AK Party will hold consultations to decide whether it will nominate İsmail Kahraman again or choose another candidate for the position. Kahraman has been Parliament speaker for two years.