VACANCY: EU funded project “Support to Parliament and Civil Society Organizations in Jordan”

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The project will last for 34 months (aprox) and started in February 2014. The Team Leader would be a Parliament, policy-making and legislative drafting expert, required to provide a smooth coordination of project activities for the entire duration of the program (minimum 400 working days). 

Overall Objective

The overall objective of the “Support to Democratic Governance” programme, of which this contract will be a part, is to support democratic governance in Jordan.  This contract is part of an overall program, entitled “Support to Democratic Governance”. The program has three components:

•       Component 1: To strengthen the institutional and administrative capacity of the Chamber of Deputies (CoD);

•       Component 2: To build the institutional capacity of decentralised structures in all Governorates;

•       Component 3: To support Non State Actors (NSAs) to act as an effective drive for good governance and accountability.

The Contractor of this contract is expected to work on Component 1.

1.1.         Purpose

The purpose of this contract is to strengthen the institutional and administrative capacity of the Chamber of Deputies (CoD).

1.2.         Results to be achieved by the Contractor

The Contractor will provide technical assistance in the implementation of the project activities under component 1 with the effect to achieve the following results:

1.          Enhanced efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, transparency of the CoD;

2.          Enhanced functioning of the Secretariat of the CoD;

3.          Enhanced functioning of the CoD committees;

4.           Strengthened interactions and accountability between the CoD and their constituents;

5.           Strengthened interactions between the CoD and the EP and EU Member States’ Parliaments;

6.          Enhanced participation of women in the work of the CoD.


To consult the full Terms of Reference, please click here.