UNDP Parliamentary Development(2015 HIGHLIGHTS)

Document CONTENTS:

Global Work:

-2nd Global Parliamentary Report: Parliament’s power to hold government to account
-Endorsement of the Common Principles for Support to Parliament
-Campaign Finance Reform (Trinidad and Tobago – May, 2015)
-Strengthening Financial Accountability (Jamaica – June, 2015)
-New MP Orientation Program (Sri Lanka – September, 2015)
-Parliamentary Workshops on the SDGs (Mauritius and Lesotho – November, 2015)
-Reinforcing Transparency in Public Accounts (Sao Tome et Principe – November, 2015)
-Temporary Special Measures to Increase Women’s Political Participation (Papua New Guinea – November, 2015)
-First Global Inclusive Political Processes (IPP) Community of Practice Meeting (New York, USA – November/December, 2015)

Country Office Work:

Country list (sorted alphabetically)

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