Tunisian parliament to vote on proposed new unity government

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A vote of confidence on Tunisia’s new unity government will on Friday take center stage in the country’s parliament.

Premier-designate Youssef Chahed, who could become the country’s youngest Prime Minister will present his proposed cabinet, following which, would be scrutinized by parliament.

If approved, the new government will now be faced with a tough start. Three major attacks by militants last year badly hit tourism bookings, forcing job cuts in an industry that accounts for 8 per cent of the economy. Unemployment is already at 15 per cent, with the rate far higher among the youth.

Chahed though committed to put together a cabinet capable of delivering economic reforms.

The Islamist Ennahda party, the largest in parliament, meanwhile following the announcement of the unity government said it has “some reservations” about the line-up, largely because of its minority representation in the cabinet.

Source: Africa News

Link: http://goo.gl/Bm51rd