Experience Exchange between the Ministries of Finance of Cape Verde and São Tomé and Principe on Good Economic Governance

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Praia, 30 August 2016. The project Pro PALOP-TL SAI, is fully funded by the European Union and it has been running since  the 29th of August 2016. The initiative of the conference comes from the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration of São Tomé and Principe, (MFPA-STP), and it is hosted by the Ministry of Finance of Cape Verde (MF-CV), with the objective of information sharing among peers. The exchange of information takes into account the Cape Verdean experience in the areas of good governance and the Reform and Modernisation of public Administration.

The São Tomean delegation was received at the Ministry of Finance of Cape Verde, by the National Director of Public Administration, Eng. Guevara Cruz, who is responsible for several services of the Ministry of Finance Agency. As São Tomé and Principe, the delegation, headed by the Financial Management System of the Technical Coordinator of the State (SAFE), Dr. Cerineu Renner, is comprised of over 4 frames of the MFPA-STP: the Director of State Property, Dr. Antonio Aguiar, the Director General of Public Administration, Dr. Semôa Will, the Technical Director of Public Accounting, Dr. Katya de Sousa, and the Technical Direction of Dr. Budget. Cyinthia da Silva.

The specific objectives of the mission, regards to the interest in comprehending the Cape Verdean practices in related to the registration system, reporting tax and budget information in a comprehensive, accessible way (reports throughout the year, every six months and the general State Accounts). The premise of the working session, is based on the overview of Cape Verde vision and strategy throughout the modernization process of public services. Furthermore, it was explored specific aspects such as structural and procedural models functioning of the various organs and departments of the Finance and Public Administration. The meeting took place in an environment on a high level of sharing of ideas, where it was found that the challenges and capital gains are often common or part of the ongoing process.

The delegation met with the General Director of Heritage and Procurement (DGPCP), Dra. Débora Vieira and her team, leveraging your São Tomean counterpart, António Aguiar, Director of State Property to discuss, in a comparative way, the main challenges of the two countries in this area based on case studies in each country.

On the 30th of August, it was a time to talk to the National Directorate of Budget and Public Accounts, represented by Dr. Reciclete Jewelry and Dr. Edmilson Fortes, who gave a presentation on the functioning of this Department on the Portal e-GOV, as part of the integrated model of governance analysis that Cape Verde has implemented.

There were also meetings with the Court of Auditors, the Operational Nucleus of the Information Society, the General Treasury Directorate (DGT), the Directorate of Tax Contribution, Secretary of State for Public Administration (SEAP) and a visit to the Citizen House.

Source: Pro PALOP-TL ISC
Link: http://bit.ly/2c9GADL