Reporting Matters: Communicating on the Sustainable Development Goals

As we complete the fourth edition of Reporting matters, we see that2016 has been about companies exploring how to communicate anddisclose information within the new SDG framework. In reviewing each submission, we have also seen emerging good practice examples that will help inspire more companies to report effectively. Non-financial reporting has reached a critical turning point and is now heading towards the mainstream. From the European Union’s consultation on non-financial reporting guidelines to the Global Reporting Initiative and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board consultations on their respective standards, 2016 has been a watershed for the collection of feedback from the business community. The global launch of the Natural Capital Protocol has added an important building block towards the meaningful disclosure of non-financial impacts and benefits. WBCSD is proud to have provided feedback from the business community, ensuring that the voice of business has truly been taken into account in each of these developments

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