New on e-Learning Portal: “Parliaments in Practice” Course & Mobile Application for Myanmar’s sub-national Parliamentarians

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Parliaments are key state institutions in a democratic system of governance. They have an important role to play in promoting democracy and good governance. As the democratically elected representatives of the people, parliaments have the task to ensure government by the people and for the people. In the performance of their key functions of legislation, representation and oversight parliaments actively engage in the development and implementation of laws, policies and practices that promote democracy and good governance.

Myanmar’s fourteen sub-national Regional and State Parliaments are at the heart of Myanmar’s processes of democratization and de-centralization. They seek to strengthen their role as law-making and oversight institutions that promote development. The challenge for their MPs is to become fully representative of the population to legitimately exercise their role in local development.

The “Parliaments in Practice” e-learning course and mobile applications were tailored to meet the capacity-building needs of the recently elected parliamentarians of Myanmar’s Region and State Parliaments. It gives a comprehensive overview of the role and functions of MPs in Myanmar’s Region and State Parliaments. It includes additional information tailored to the Myanmar context, a greater focus on constitution-building and transitional systems, and a bulk of regional and national case studies. The course zooms in on the role of MPs in adopting good governance practices and improving the transparency and effectiveness of the parliamentary institution.

The course is available to everyone in Burmese and English on the AGORA E-Learning Portal. The mobile phone application allows participants to review the course material on their mobile phone. Available on Android and iOS, once installed, the app can be used offline.

The course was adapted and translated for the UNDP Country Office in Myanmar and will be launched during a face-to-face Professional Development Programme for MPs in the week of November 14-18. During the training sessions, MPs will be encouraged to discuss and debate the course content with their peers and to develop questions for a designated Learning Focal Point at their Hluttaw. All questions will be compiled and answered and these questions and answers will later be distributed back to all MPs who have participated in the course. This will ensure that the participants get the best out of the course and will help us improve the course content in the future. 

Although tailored for Myanmar’s Parliamentarians, the course is open and valuable to anyone interested in sub-national legislatures at large, as well as the unique system of subnational governance in Myanmar.

You can access the course here.