Parliaments and Reconciliation: The Role of Committees and Post-Conflict Arab Parliaments

In recent history, the Arab region has witnessed a steep rise in conflicts that had a devastating impact on the people. After a conflict has ended and a resolution has been reached, a country must move towards peace and reconciliation. This move should be facilitated by a strong parliament and empowered parliamentary committees. This paper will examine the role of parliamentary institutions in the peace, reconciliation and recovery processes in conflict and post-conflict countries in the Arab region. The experiences of Sudan and Iraq will be examined. This will be accomplished by discussing information on committees, analyzing the committee role and its work in conflict and post-conflict situations, and by providing appropriate recommendations. The goal of this analysis is to provide recommendations to assist present and future parliaments in dealing with post-conflict situations, analyze how parliament can play a critical role in conflict prevention and recovery, largely through the implementation of the UNDP guidelines on Parliaments, Crisis Prevention and Recovery: and by suggesting ways that parliaments can help prevent conflicts before they escalate beyond control.

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