VIDEO: Women’s Leadership – Be Part of the Solution!

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The number of women represented in Viet Nam’s National Assembly has been declining over the past decade. Although 50% of its population are women, only 24% of elected positions are held by women.

Women’s under-representation in the decision making process make it difficult to ensure gender equality. If the current decline in the number of women in parliament and leadership in Viet Nam continues, the country could be in danger of stagnating in its socio-economic development. This video captures some practical solutions to reversing the declining trend and increasing women’s representation rate from 24% to 35% in 2016 election. It is based on an extensive research with current and retired members of the National Assembly, the Women’s Union, the Fatherland Front, the Government and civil society in Viet Nam. It calls for action to encourage women to take part in the decision making process.

To watch the video, please click here: Women’s Leadership – Be Part of the Solution!

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