Gender Module 1 - 3

Parliamentary Action Points

Policy Recommendations on Gender and Energy: the Pan-African Parliament

During a workshop organized by UNDP and Climate Parliament at the Pan-African Parliament, MPs adopted a set of policy recommendations for renewable energy development among Pan-African Parliament states:

  1. Mainstream renewable energy in short and long-term national developments plans and strategies;
  2. Identify barriers to the participation of women and girls in designing, formulating, training and capacity development on RE.
  3. To build gender sensitive policy frameworks that can deliver on the particular energy needs of women and girls.
  4. Put in place policies that regulate the renewable energy industry and promote its further development, so that Africa is better positioned to transition to sustainable energy and meet the continent’s growing energy needs;
  5. Adopt renewable energy as a strategic choice and develop comprehensive programs for renewable energy industries and markets.
  6. Encourage the Members of Parliament to urge their respective governments to commit a minimum of 1% of the national budget to the promotion of renewable energy.