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Event Date
Event Time
15:00-17:00 EEST
Event Location
Venue: Estonia, Erinevate Tubade Klubisse, Telliskivi 60-A1-65

Sustaining the Momentum for Parliamentary Openness in OGP Reform

The OGP process often faces setbacks due to changes in the composition of stakeholders involved in the process. The same is true with open parliament initiatives that follow similar rules of engagement. Among others, factors such as party rotations, parliamentary leadership transition, shifts in ruling party or coalition, and lack of direct involvement by parliamentarians pose serious obstacles to the efforts of making parliamentary track contribute meaningful change in OGP reform.


This event is aimed at creating a space for OGP reformers who work closely with parliamentary actors in improving government openness and transparency, through an independent open parliament initiative or as part of the national OGP process. Speakers from Asia, Africa, and the Americas will exchange important insights as to how OGP co-creation model and deep engagement with civil society partners could build the momentum for parliamentary openness—and sustain it.



  • Taiwan Open Parliament Multi-Stakeholder Forum
  • Directorio Legislativo
  • Open Culture Foundation
  • Citizen Congress Watch