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For the seventh consecutive year, the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) opens its events for the New Year with a series of presentations by some of its own policy analysts on ten of the major issues that are likely to shape the coming twelve months. The issues include budgeting in times of crises and war, lessons for public investment in the EU from the EU recovery instrument, the fiscal and monetary policy mix, climate and socio-economic tipping points, the impact of increasing fuel prices on transport, cyber resilience in the EU, protecting media freedom and journalists, the future of Russia, geo-economics in an age of empires and the 2024 European elections.

SPEAKERS: Othmar KARAS, MEP, First Vice-President, European Parliament Anna CAPRILE, Policy Analyst, External Policies Unit, EPRS Alina DOBREVA, Policy Analyst, Budgetary Policies Unit, EPRS Marin MILEUSNIC, Policy Analyst, Next Generation EU Monitoring Service, EPRS Martin HÖFLMAYR, Policy Analyst, Economic Policies Unit, EPRS Monika KISS, Policy Analyst, Structural Policies Unit, EPRS Gregor ERBACH, Head, Climate Action and Tracking Service, EPRS Angelos DELIVORIAS, Policy Analyst, External Policies Unit, EPRS Polona CAR, Policy Analyst, Digital Policies Unit, EPRS Maria DIAZ CREGO, Policy Analyst, Citizens' Policies Unit, EPRS Silvia KOTANIDIS, Policy Analyst, Citizens' Policies Unit, EPRS