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The parliamentary oversight assessment tool evaluates the strength of oversight mandate, performance and impact by parliament. Based on existing literature and tools, we have developed comprehensive and universally relevant indicators for civil society organisations and other stakeholders such as parliamentary monitoring organisations and researchers to assess parliamentary oversight in any given country.

The assessment covers six pillars:

(i) Oversight as a priority for parliament;

(ii) Oversight powers and tools for parliament, which looks at various mechanisms such as access to information, summons, oral and written questions, committees of enquiry, vote of no confidence, impeachment, and approval in appointment or dismissal of independent institutions’ members.

(iii) Oversight opportunities for opposition and independent MPs;

(iv) Financial oversight

(v) Post-legislative scrutiny 

(vi) Relationship with other actors to conduct oversight

The assessment tool has been primarily developed for Transparency International chapters to gather credible evidence that can be used to advocate for improved mandate, performance and impact of parliament to hold government to account. This does not, however, preclude other civil society organisations, parliamentary monitoring organisations and researchers from using this tool in similar fashion as well.

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