Conducting Public Hearings: Workshop for Committee A – Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Justice, Public Administration, Local Government and Government Legislation, National Parliament of Timor-Leste

Public Hearings – Workshop – Collecting evidence – Parliamentary committees – Constituency relations


Presentation of a workshop organised by the Centre for Democratic Institutions (CDI) together with the International Foundation for Election Studies (IFES) at the request of Committee A of the National Parliament of Timor Leste. The aim of the workshop was to assist Committee A in undertaking its program of election law review and revision starting with the Law on the Election of Suco Chiefs and Councils. Members of Committee gained a greater appreciation of the value of parliamentary committees as a means of ‘taking Parliament to the people’, thus enabling Members to be better informed about community views; of providing a bridge between Members’ constituents’ concerns and the broader community interest; of promoting public debate; and of scrutinising the Executive and contributing towards better government through a more informed administration and policy making process.


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