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Political parties remain the least trusted institution in every region of the world and are struggling to keep pace with citizen expectations and revolutionary changes in communication practices. Nevertheless, they remain fundamental to the healthy functioning of democratic systems. While more development partners are recognizing the importance of party assistance, concerns remain given perceptions that this area of democracy support is difficult to understand and evaluate. Please join us for a discussion about how the international community can build upon past experiences and adapt to new challenges and opportunities in political party support.

Opening Remarks By:

Governor Howard Dean ~ former chairman of the Democratic National Committee Panelists: Thomas Carothers ~ vice president for studies, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Neil Levine ~ director, Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights & Governance, USAID Sef Ashiagbor ~ senior advisor, NDI  

Moderated By:

Ivan Doherty ~ senior associate, NDI