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This event explores the tenets of deliberative democracy with a focus on citizen assemblies as an innovative method to address complex policy problems. The panelists provide an overview of deliberative democracy and an in-depth look at local-level, climate justice assemblies.


Overview of Deliberative Democracy and Citizen Assemblies

  • Claudia Chwalisz, Innovative Citizen Participation Lead, OECD
  • Marcin Gerwin, PhD, Specialist in Deliberative Democracy
  • Shana Cohen, Ph.D., Director, TASC

Climate Justice Assemblies

  • Nikhil Kumar, Research & Policy Associate, People Powered
  • Sean McCabe, Executive Manager, TASC Climate Justice Centre
  • Kasia Pawłowska, Civic Participation Specialist, Shipyard Foundation

Donor Reflections

  • Laura Nortey, Senior Portfolio Analyst, Open Society Foundations