AGORA Brief - December 2013: Parliaments & Renewable Energy

Development of renewable energy resources can address many short-term challenges faced by the citizens of developing countries, while guaranteeing that society is set on the right track to energy security and greater prosperity. But these resources cannot be tapped without establishing the right incentives and legal frameworks.

This first AGORA Brief offers a preview of UNDP and Climate Parliament’s ‘RENEWABLE ENERGY FOR PARLIAMENTARIANS: A HOW-TO GUIDE’, which seeks to assist parliamentarians who wish to promote renewable energy development.  This Guide will shortly be available on the AGORA Portal. 

This brief has been supplemented with news and case studies that have been published on the AGORA Portal's Climate Parliament Network Group in the past year.  For additional information on renewable energy, please join the group or consult our Energy & Environment Areas of Expertise

Download  the document  here