Arab Future Energy Index 2013: Renewable Energy

The Arab Future Energy Index (AFEX) is the first native Arab index dedicated to monitoring and analyzing sustainable energy competitiveness in the Arab region. AFEX offers both quantitative and qualitative analysis for key renewable energy and energy efficiency market dimensions. Countries are ranked under more than 20 indicators that illustrate key energy market aspects including policies, institutional and technical capacities, strategies, socioeconomic data and investments. AFEX data is collected through both international and local resources to guarantee accuracy and transparency.

This year, AFEX ranks 13 Arab states and provides tailored recommendations for member states to help improve their sustainable energy competitiveness.

AFEX is published annually and consists of two core components: AFEX Renewable Energy and AFEX Energy Efficiency. AFEX is a product of the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE), an independent not-for-profit regional organization which aims to enable and increase the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency practices in the Arab region.

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