Climate Investment Funds: Annual Report 2013

Five years ago, a group of motivated countries and multilateral development banks (MDBs) planted the seed of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF).  They aimed to trigger investments for immediate climate action and to facilitate learning on the technologies and methods needed to mitigate and manage the effects of climate change in poorer regions of the world.

Today, the CIF has taken root and results are emerging as 48 pilot countries move from investment planning to implementation.  Seventy-five projects and programs - about 32 percent of the CIF portfolio - are MDB approved and moving forward to support advances in clean technology, renewable energy, sustainable forest management, and climate resilience.

The 2013 Annual Report is an extension of CIF knowledge sharing.  This year the report looks into the Forest Investment Program and its emphasis on developing partnerships, understanding perspectives, and focusing on the big picture in forest-related investments. 

Download  the document  here