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This report brings together the first phase of research carried out by the Royal Commonwealth Society and the Kaleidoscope Trust which maps LGBT rights in the Commonwealth as well as views expressed by a broad range of Commonwealth diplomats in an ongoing series of discussions. The report presents challenges and positive developments in law, Commonwealth actions and national processes. The aim is to show how the strengths of the Commonwealth can be used to move away from the perceived polarisation within the Commonwealth on this issue and towards a Commonwealth consensus.

This report has been written by Lewis Brooks, Public Affairs Officer at the Royal Commonwealth Society and Alistair Stewart, Acting Executive Director of the Kaleidoscope Trust. The authors are grateful for the input and support on this document from the following people: Jaevion Nelson, Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, Caleb Orozco, Martha Dunckley, Michael Lake, Hilary Greengrass and Leila Asrari. The Royal Commonwealth Society and the Kaleidoscope Trust welcome comments on this report. Please use the contact details shown on the back cover.

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