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In September 2018, NDI organized a set of 12 focus groups to gauge public attitudes on the performance of the parliament and members of parliament (MPs), views on the recent municipal elections and opinions on upcoming regional, legislative and Presidential elections. The research also explores ideas related to citizen outreach, priority issues for the upcoming legislative year and possible amendments to electoral law and the constitution.  The research marked the Institute's 20th round of focusgroups since the revolution of 2011 and the ninth since 2014 elections. The report summarizes attitudes and concerns based on the responses of the 120 respondents.Consistent with many previous rounds of research, respondents were quite vocal about what has been going wrong. The report reveals widespread agreement that the country faces significant economic challenges, especially in terms of unemployment and inflation. Concerns with education and healthcare were more common during these sessions compared to previous rounds of research. Corruption remained an important challenge for the country according to respondents, and public administration was often noted as an area in need of reform and much more oversight. However, many of those surveyed noted ongoing infrastructure projects, freedom of speech, stronger civil society, timely municipal elections and leadership against corruption among the bright spots in Tunisian society.