Financial Instruments under Cohesion Policy 2007-13: How Have Member States and Selected Financial Institutions Respected and Preserved EU Financial Interests?

This study assesses the implementation of financial instruments (FIs) in Cohesion policy during the 2007-13 programming period. It takes stock of existing knowledge on the operation of FIs as reflected in the academic literature and policy documents. A comparative analysis of eight case studies, focusing on the different stages in the lifecycle of FIs, provides the basis on which to draw lessons from the implementation of FIs in 200713, highlighting implications for 2014-20.

Authors : Fiona Wishlade, Rona Michie, Philip Vernon, Stefan Kah Ms Claudia Gloazzo (European Policies Research Centre, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, the UK, for Chapters 1-4) ; Fabian Zuleeg, Claire Dheret and Iva Tasheva (European Policy Centre, Brussels, Belgium, for Chapter 5)

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