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Minimum standards on inclusion of persons with disabilities in political parties

Disability inclusion is important in ensuring persons with disabilities (PWDs) can access their fundamental rights and principles. In Kenya, WFD in partnership with Demo Finland is promoting persons with disabilities (PWDs) inclusion within political parties by implementing the Kenya Inclusive Political Parties (KIPP) Programme.

The programme works with 13 political parties and 21 organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs) and civil society organizations (CSOs). With the uptake of disability inclusion provisions segmented within different parties, the need to develop basic standards to support political parties inclusion of PWD’s in their business became necessary.

The standards highlighted in this document were developed in a participatory working session with representatives from disability rights civil society organizations (CSOs), disabled persons organizations (DPOs), and political parties. Their input was synthesized and related with other key considerations on political inclusion of PWDs, and packaged into a framework of 10 standards.

The minimum standard is not a “how to” guide but a description of what must be in place as a minimum for PWDs to engage and participate effectively in political party activities. The standards are informed by available evidence and experience of parties that have managed to include persons with disabilities.

The standards provide a good benchmark for illustration of the political party’s commitment to disability inclusion in their structures, policies, practices, and processes. It is expected that political parties in Kenya will use these standards as a framework for realization of the constitutional provisions on disability inclusion.

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