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Monitoring of the state health budget in Albania

As the COVID-19 pandemic and the successive pandemic waves with different virulent strains are still challenging the capacities of health sectors of national governments across the world, more accountable and transparent governance is needed to address the consequences. 

WFD Albania in cooperation with Together for Life has monitored the utilization of the Health State Budget for the period January 2021 - August 2021. We also monitored the State Health Budget for Reimbursement related to Covid 19 and Investment in Medical Equipment for the same period. 

These reports prove to be an important advocacy tool to be used by civil society and the public to further improve the health system to better serve the citizens in need. 

The reports address important issues on the total expenses on health spent by the government in Albania; the distribution of health state budget among the main categories; figures on excess mortality caused by COVID-19; progress of the vaccination process; main investments in medical equipment needed to cope with the pandemic; and more in-depth analysis of the effects and consequences of the pandemic on the use of state funds for health.