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The Open Government Partnership: A How-To Guide for Members of Parliament

In the face of many global challenges, from climate change to public health and democratic backsliding, an effective government strategy demands the participation of citizens. In particular, democratic parliaments that have embraced open governance understand that people must be at the heart of parliament and that governance must be responsive to citizens.

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a platform to co-create innovative solutions and share information across the globe. In this light, Morocco’s House of Representatives in partnership with NDI, and with support of MEPI, presents this guide to share information with members of parliament (MPs) in Africa, the Middle East and from all over the world, showcasing open governance.

OGP allows civil society, governments and parliaments to join forces, to commit to reforms to open up government, and together ensure that our public institutions work for citizens. Letting citizens see how decisions are made, and holding elected officials to account by making information and participation open to everyone, especially vulnerable communities, leaves parliaments better placed to tackle the challenges ahead.

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